spotlight on: our dough

Over the next few months we’re sharing the stories of our products, ingredients and food producers who make our pizza great.

In our first series, where better to start than the foundations of any great pizza place - the dough - and more specifically the key ingredient behind it, flour.

Fresh is best and we’re proud to work to that mantra every day making dough 7 days a week to create awesome pizza.

Your may have tried our gluten free pizza dough, which we produce here on site at Bath Pizza Co too. We’re incredibly proud to make our pizzas from scratch for our menu.

As the casual dining sector and expectations of the public shifts when it comes to the pizza world, people expect excellent quality ingredients and no longer settle for the pre made frozen bases and ingredients that previously dominate the pizza industry.

Our pizza dough

While we can’t give away the secrets of our pizza dough process and how exactly how we do things, we can share that we use a fantastic flour that we base our pizza dough process around: Polselli Classica “La Zero” Soft Wheat Flour type “0” which is produced and imported from Italy - right in the middle between Rome and Napoli.

Especially designed to be used in wood fired or gas/wood fired combination ovens, the Classica is a flour blend obtained by milling selected tender grains of domestic and foreign origin.


The Classica “La Zero” soft wheat flour type “0” has the high coverted mark of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Perfect for producing pizza in the traditional Neapolitan pizza style, it it is highly recommended for working using the direct method with medium leavening times and perfect for stretching at home as we now sell our dough to takeaway for aspiring pizza makers.

Keep an eye our for our next Spotlight blog post where we’ll be showcasing our awesome oven.