gluten free pizza dough

We’re proud to be the only pizza place in Bath who don’t charge extra for our gluten free customers.

We’ve provided further information about our Gluten Free pizza dough on this web page to help our customers understand our process, how we make our gluten free pizza dough and how our pizza kitchen works.

We also advise our customers to speak to our experienced pizza chefs when visiting us and to advise us of any allergen or dietary requirements. We’re more than happy to provide advice and help where we can.


about our gluten free pizza dough

Our hand made gluten free dough is made on site here at Bath Pizza Co by our skilled pizza chefs.

Our gluten free pizzas are always made using the freshest ingredients that do not contain gluten, we protect these ingredients from becoming contaminated by gluten by storing them in lidded containers that are cleaned daily.

We prepare our gluten free ingredients (including toppings) in a thoroughly clean and sanitised environment without other ingredients around. As you can imagine, there is typically a lot of flour surrounding pizzerias, however, we ensure that there is no open flour in the vicinity whenever one of our gluten free pizzas is made and cooked. Any flour from previous stretching of dough is thoroughly cleaned away and fresh boards and utensils are used in the preparation of the gluten free pizza. The pizza paddle, used to put the pizza in the oven and remove it, is also sanitised to remove any residual flour. 


Feedback we’ve had from our gluten free customers has been very positive since we opened in April 2016.

If you visit us, our chefs will be very happy to talk to you about our gluten free dough and vegan and vegetarian pizzas.  

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