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Review #6

Homewood Three Cheeses

Ricotta, Halloumi, Old Demdike Ewe's Cheese, Tomato, Basil

(Cheeses change seasonally)



Score: 4.9 / 5

The award winning ricotta has a fresh and natural taste. The Flavour of the slightly salty halloumi and and more potent ewes cheese offer a perfect balance. 


Score: 4.9 / 5

The sauce is on top of the various cheeses. Adds contrast of colour and demonstrates a fresh approach.


Score: 4.9 / 5

The thin base feels lighter than expected. A silky tomato sauce and combinations of cheese keep every mouthful varied and exciting.

on the nose

Score: 4.9 / 5

On arrival the Ewes cheese smells tangy and straw like. The subtly sweet smell of the tomato alongside this adds depth within layers of cheese.


tasting notes/description

"The Homewood Cheese company are based in the village of Ubley, situated under the northern slopes of the Mendip Hills, just under 20 miles from Bath. Tim and Angela can usually be found trading on Saturdays amongst the bustling Bath Farmers Market at Green Park Station.


Meet Tim & Angela โ†’

Depending on the availability of their specialist artisan stock, Bath Pizza Co will change the toppings of the โ€˜Homewood Three Cheese Specialโ€™. Today, I tasted the halloumi, ricotta and pickled ewes cheese on top of a gloriously crafted dough.

Watching the pizza cook in the oven is a very special process, the smoky wood fuelled fire is running at around 350 degrees and has been nursed carefully over the morning, ready for a busy lunch service. As the pizza cooks the dough starts to raise on the crust and starts bubbling softly, cheese morphing into a melted medley of temptation. The rich tomato sauce has been ladled above the cheese with care, these dollops creating an unsymmetrical and rugged pizza that screams quality.

The combination of these three cheeses marry well, with each type distinguishable upon every bite. The halloumi is salty and melted evenly all over the base. No big squeaky chunks that get in the way! The ewes cheese has a robust tang that is opulent on the tongue and nose. The ricotta, which proudly holds a gold medal from the British Cheese Awards, is used on a number of pizzas here and it's creamy undercurrent balances the other flavours wonderfully. 

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Meanwhile, the tomato sauce is rich to taste. Unlike most conventional pizzas, the spaced dollops mentioned earlier give space for the subtleties of the cheese to sing.

This is  my personal favourite offering from the guys at Bath Pizza Co (so far).  If I close my eyes, my taste buds tell me i'm enjoying a home cooked Italian feast in Naples. A highly recommended dish. Every foodie needs to try this!"

Meet Mike, Bath Pizza Co's professional pizza taster โ†’


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