Introducing: Homewood Artisan Cheeses

Bath Pizza Co announces Homewood 3 Cheese special

We’re pretty chuffed to be announcing our first Bath Farmer’s Market special pizza. We’ve been testing ratios and flavours all week and can now announce our new Homewood 3 Cheeses pizza here at Bath Pizza Co.

The Homewood 3 Cheeses pizza at Bath Pizza Co., Green Park Station

The Homewood 3 Cheeses pizza at Bath Pizza Co., Green Park Station

Inspired by the produce at the Bath Farmer’s Market in Green Park Station, we’re announcing a series of new pizzas, based on the ingredients created by food producers and farmers who make up the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. 

Based in Ubley, Somerset, Homewood artisan cheesemakers are Tim and Angela - the team behind Homewood Cheeses. We caught up with them at the Bath Farmer’s Market for a Q & A session on the world of cheese and the new Homewood 3 Cheeses pizza!

Bath Pizza Co: Tim, Angela, it’s great to have Homewood Cheeses on our pizza menu! Please introduce yourselves and your background in the artisan cheese world.

Tim and Angela: We met each other when we had a stall next to each other trading at the Tobacco Factory Market in Bristol. Tim was making cheese for another company, as he has been since 1999, and Angela was baking cakes and making preserves. Then only a monthly market, it took several months to find out each others names! But love eventually blossomed and we decided to start making our own cheeses in 2008. A chance introduction to a sheep dairy farmer followed and we have been working with sheep milk ever since. We moved our cheese making to its new home in Ubley in 2014 and love being in the Chew Valley.

Bath Pizza Co: We’ve been tasting the new Homewood 3 Cheeses pizza this morning, what do you think?

Tim and Angela: It tasted great. A really fresh flavour from the tomato base and great balance between the cheeses.

Bath Pizza Co: We’re currently using the combination of the Ricotta, Halloumi and Old Demdike, which other cheeses might work well on pizzas as we move through the seasons?

Tim and Angela: In the spring the Fresh Ewes Cheese is perfect for waking the taste buds out of winter. As we move into Autumn we love the robust flavour of the Pickled Ewes Cheese and pairs especially well with autumn squashes. Come the winter Chattox comes into its own. Made late summer and lightly pressed, by winter the flavour has developed to a full round intensity.

Bath Pizza Co: We’re huge fans of the Ricotta, can you tell us a little about the making process?

Tim and Angela: The ricotta is one of our favourites too, a really summery cheese. It won a Gold medal at this year’s British Cheese Awards. Producing ricotta is very satisfying as it is an incidental part of the halloumi making process. The halloumi curds are cooked in the whey after pressing; this is what makes it not melt and gives it the squeak! As we heat the whey for this, the ricotta is the whey protein that separates out during heating. As it forms it collects at the top of the pan and we just scoop it off into cloths to drain. We don't add any salt to our ricotta so is perfect for sweet or savoury dishes.

Bath Pizza Co: Do you have a most popular product that always sells well?

Tim and Angela: At the market it is definitely the halloumi, especially at this time of year. But with our restaurant customers the chefs love the versatility of the Fresh Ewes Cheese.

Bath Pizza Co: Which other markets around Bath and Somerset can we find you at?

Tim and Angela: As well as the Farmers Market in Green Park Station on a Saturday, we can also be found at the Frome Independent on the first Sunday of the month. The whole town centre is taken over by stalls selling everything from street food to local crafts, bric-a-brac and of course artisan foods and cheese!

Bath Pizza Co: Thanks very much Tim and Angela!

Soon you’ll be able to order the Homewood 3 Cheeses to your door via Deliveroo. In the meantime, head down to Green Park Station, Bath where you can order or try a taster on a Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market.