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Bath Pizza Co celebrate 2 years of business with a free pizza giveaway

And you can buy a pizza for just £2 on their birthday!


Thursday April 12th marks two years of business for Bath Pizza Co. The sister business of Green Park Brasserie has become a Bath favourite with it’s wood fired oven, locally sourced produce and unique setting under the glass vaulted Victorian station roof.


To celebrate 2 years of business, the first 20 customers who say "Happy Birthday" when ordering on Thursday 12th April will be able to claim a free 12 inch Pepperoni, Marinara (vegan) or Margherita (vegetarian) pizza. 

But don’t worry - if you miss out, Bath Pizza Co are offering the same three pizzas at just £2 each when you purchase a drink, until 5pm.

Bath Pizza Co opens at 12 midday on Thursday.


Owner Alex Peters said: “We’ve had a great two years here at Green Park Station. Our success is down to our fantastic product and talented team producing high quality pizza at a great price. We welcome everyone from residents to tourists and students to local workers - we’re delighted to have become a hotspot for all of Bath.”

Peters added: “Last year we hosted several live music gigs and we’re currently planning more regular sessions every Thursday evening starting on Thursday 12th April to mark our 2 year anniversary. We’re fortunate to be in such a stunning setting, Green Park Station truly is unique - there really is nowhere else like it in Bath.”


  • Bath Pizza Co have been awarded a Taste of the West Gold Award
  • Bath Pizza Co will give away 20 free pizzas on Thursday 12th April 2018 to celebrate 2 years of business

  • Customers must say "Happy Birthday" when ordering 

  • Free pizza is eligible to the first 20 customers

  • Bath Pizza Co will be offering £2 pizzas until 5pm for anyone buying a drink

  • Bath Pizza Co’s top sellers are their Vegan Special, Tunley Chicken & Homemade Pesto and classic the Margherita

  • Bath Pizza Co is owned and run by local father and son Andrew and Alex Peters

  • Bath Pizza Co are the sister business of Green Park Brasserie, one of Bath’s longest established independent businesses

  • Bath Pizza Co offer a pizza and pint/prosecco/soft drink for just £10 all day everyday