Bath Pizza Co's New Bath Farmers' Market Specials Announced!

We built Bath Pizza Company on the ethos of being a community and collaborative focussed business; eager to work with the fantastic farmers, food producers, and brewers in Bath and Somerset. Now we're proud to announce that we have new pizza options on our menu that focus on the Bath Farmers’ Market that runs here in the station on Saturday mornings. We’ve been ratio weighing and ingredient testing on our new Bath Farmers’ Market special pizzas for the last few weeks; so we’re pretty chuffed to officially announce them!

So without further ado, here are our new headline acts...

Ted's Wild Game

If you’re a regular to the Bath Farmers’ Market, you’ll certainly know Ted. Selling quails eggs, venison and wild boar sourced from Cranborne Chase, Ted is a old stalwart of the market offering genuine quality produce from the stunning Cranborne Chase landscape that sprawls across Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

At Bath Pizza Co, we cook Ted’s venison with red wine and onion in our wood fired oven to act as a perfect topping on a white dough base. Ted's Wild Game is our headline act, leading the way for our white pizzas (no tomato and herb sauce).

Tunley Farm Special

Tunley Farm’s smoked sausage know famously as the “huge pole” sausage is the star of our Tunley Farm Special. Mark from Tunley can be found most days of the week here in Green Park Station, and after a serious tasting session we found that the combination of the huge pole smoked sausage, sun blushed tomatoes, and onions was the perfect pizza to celebrate our Green Park Station neighbour’s produce.

Homewood 3 Cheeses

Angela and Tim have been supplying our sister biz, the Braz for a fair few years now, so we’re delighted to feature the Homewood special on our menu. Based out in Ubley (towards Bristol) we’ve been working with the artisan cheesemakers to come up with the perfect recipe. After some more tasting sessions (we’re getting through some serious pizza tasting!) the combination of ricotta, halloumi and old demdike made the perfect Homewood Cheeses pizza.

Find out more about Homewood Cheeses on our blog