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At lunch time on Wednesday 5th June we invited customers to pay for pizza with plastic bottles.

We’re now looking at future dates and making this a regular monthly initiative in a bid to encourage our local community to think about their recycling habits.

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5/6/19 marked World Environment Day - where we aimed to raise public awareness about how much plastic waste our society produces. We want to encourage our local community to rethink plastic waste and encourage recycling.


The bottles collected as payment have now been recycled locally in Bath before being turned into t-shirts, sleeping bags, carpeting or bottles again.

How it worked

Every plastic bottle was worth 50p which will was taken off our customer’s food bill. So 12 bottles meant you’d be able to pick up a £6 Margherita, Pepperoni or Marinara (vegan) pizza.


The plastic payment scheme ran initially as a 1 day trial day  Wednesday 5th June at lunch time (12-3pm). We’re now looking at extending this to a monthly initiative.

Bath Pizza Co at Green Park Station, Bath

Director, Alex Peters said: “The UK throws away 295 billion pieces of plastic waste a year. We want to get people thinking about what they’re throwing out and what they can recycle. By paying for pizza with plastic the public will hopefully start thinking about they amount of plastic consumption they’re creating - and also about what they should be recycling.”


In 2018 the Guardian reported that recycling rates have stagnated at about 44% and the UK is unlikely to hit its target of 50% by 2020.

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About Bath Pizza Co
We’re based in the old railway station at Green Park Station in Bath. We don’t buy into the mass production mantra of the big chains and are proud to work with some fantastic local farmers and producers in Bath and Somerset to produce our pizza.

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About World Environment Day
World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Since 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

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Get in touch

If you’d like to know more about the initiative, please contact Alex Peters via email on

Terms & the slighlty boring stuff

  • The Pizza for Plastic initiative will run from 12-3pm on 5/6/2019 to start with

  • Each plastic bottle is worth 50p towards a pizza

  • The initiative is valid on Margherita, Pepperoni or Marinara (vegan) pizzas only

  • Plastic bottles must be recyclable

  • The initiative is valid for 1 pizza per person

  • Bottles will be counted into the Recycling Bin at the time of payment

  • Not part of our £10 or £12.50 pizza and drink deal

  • To claim the money off pizza, customers must hand in all bottles when ordering

  • Does not include beverages


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