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Review #6

Tunley Farm Chicken & Pesto

Tunley Farm organic chicken, Home made pesto, Sun-blushed tomatoes, Spinach, Homewood ricotta



Score: 4.3 / 5

Free range chicken complimented with a zesty kick. Fresh on the pallet.


Score: 4.6 / 5

Light clean and crisp with a bed of spinach hosting thin shavings of Parmesan, tomatoes and a whole lot of chicken.


Score: 4.2 / 5

A little hard to handle without cutlery, due to the generous amounts of succulent chicken. A little too much olive oil.

on the nose

Score: 4.5 / 5

The smell of citrus and chicken makes the mouth water.


tasting notes/description

"The chicken has a fresh citrus flavour after being prepared beautifully using lemon juice. The quality of chicken is outstanding and comes from Castlemead Poultry (via Tunley Farm Butchers) which means it’s only traveled a mere 10 miles from free range farm life to pizza. It’s succulent and luscious and has been spread all over the pizza in liberal fashion.

There’s a special pesto recipe used here at Bath Pizza Co. They have added a twist to the humble green pesto with a dash of acidic citrus juice. The pesto is of great consistency and hasn’t been spoiled with too much olive oil. The flavour naturally complimented the organic chicken.

Sun-blushed tomatoes offer an evolved depth of flavour from the humble fruit. These little bombs pop with juice, adding sourness and acidity to the mix, which is followed by a sweet after taste on the pallet. This was nicely balanced against the Homewood ricotta, which is soft and milky with a slight grittiness which smooths the sharper zesty and tangy flavours going on. 

The crunch of spinach is still there, even having been in the extremely hot oven. Some bits looked like they may have been licked by the flame, as they had become carbonised, not wilted.  With no passata, the pizza is still fairly moist overall, superb olive oil is drizzled over the initial bed of spinach, all be it a dash too much. 

Overall, a delicious summer salad style pizza with a fresh zesty kick. It feels lighter than some pizzas, making it a great choice for the more health conscious pizza lovers. Being a Bath Farmers' Market Special, this pizza is perfect at representing authenticity through proper, guilt free, poultry. I’d highly recommend this dish to anyone who wants to enjoy some of the best fresh ingredients available."

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