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Review #8


Tomato, Ricotta, Spinach, Artichoke, Mozzarella, Roast Garlic, Parmesan



Score: 4.5 / 5

The buttery artichoke scattered all over was a treat on every bite. The roast garlic was used in generous quantity, adding unbelievably melodious tones. This was offset remarkably with the fresh Homewood ricotta, which balances and neutralises the pallet.


Score: 2.6 / 5

The problem for the consumer on appearance was the burned spinach. Most had carbonised, depleting the fresh vibrant colour expected from the versatile spinach leaves. Wilted leaves could be better protected against the flame.


Score: 4.3 / 5

Feels clean in the mouth, with little to no fat or oil floating atop. The artichoke has been prepared in manageable snippets and had soft and silky flesh. The roast garlic, mushy and velvety. The real treat being the ricotta, which is generously portioned, giving oodles of bites full of creamy fluffy goodness.

on the nose

Score: 4.8 / 5

When the roast garlic was heated in the oven, my nose was observant and I knew I was in for a treat. The smell of roasted garlic isnโ€™t pungent but soft and mellow, provoking my taste buds from the moment the pizza hit the plate.


tasting notes/description

"There are several elements to this pizza, one of the fundamental ingredients being Spinach. The pizza is generously topped with this vitamin rich leaf. Regrettably, most of the spinach is burnt after being in the specialist oven.  A few seconds fewer would have made all the difference in terms of appearance and texture. Carbonised leaves could also be avoided with an alternative approach for prep, for example, slightly wilted in small swirly parcels.

Another key addition is the artichoke, which has been sprinkled in plentiful volumes. The artichoke has a slightly nutty, tangy taste with a subtle sweetness. It's a delicate flavour that sits well amongst the various toppings, in particular the roasted garlic.

The garlic has to be the unrivalled topping on the Pizza Spinaci, as the scent is smoky and it melts in the mouth, tasting mellow and sweet. The garlic nestled within the artichoke, surprised me from time to time, but never became overbearing or dull. This married well with the richness of the tomato base.

The gold award winning ricotta is cleansing the pallet after deeper garlicky bites. The ricotta has a very neutral and unaltered taste, creamy and soothing. Bath Pizza Co. feature the Homewood ricotta on a number of their pizzas, each time adding a slightly different attribute, truly showing the versatility of simple, high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Overall, Pizza Spinaci is just one of the many attractive veggie options from the Bath Pizza Co. Some may say garlic is bad for your breath, but I say itโ€™s great for the heart and soul! This pizza is wonderful in both taste and aroma."

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