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Review #1

November's Bath Farmers' Market Special

Fennel Sausage, Blue Cheese, Parmesan, Mushroom, Rocket



Score: 4.5 / 5

The succulent sausage meat is stunning with a really lovely fennel taste. This is complemented beautifully by a rich creamy blue cheese. The mushrooms had a lovely garlic flavour. Overall extremely rich flavour.


Score: 4.5 / 5

Looks great, the fennel sausage is nicely browned atop. The rocket adds a freshness to the appearance.


Score: 4 / 5

Great crispy base, the silky buttery cheese compliments the  crack of the base. The luscious mushroom and sausage meat are chunky and hearty.

on the nose

Score: 5 / 5

The aroma of the fennel sausage instantly mouthwatering.


tasting notes/description

"My senses came to life on the arrival of this pizza. The mouth watering aroma of the fennel sausage stood out. It brought back memories of Christmas Day, gathered in the family kitchen, enjoying Mum's famous homemade fennel sausage rolls.

The blue cheese and parmesan complimented the indulgent nature of this pizza. On first bite, the high quality sausage meat crumbled in my mouth with after note of fennel that slowly decayed into the silky smooth cheesy buttery base. The quantity of the blue cheese was spot on for me, and dispersed evenly, in crumbled patches of deliciousness, and of course, not overpowering.

Plenty of fresh rocket added a freshness and peppery punch, and created an illusion of health on the eye.

As always with the Bath Pizza Co, the dough is to die for. Seasoned to perfection with salt, the thin and crispy base kept rigidity and hosted the toppings brilliantly.

If you adore rich creamy cheese and mouthwatering meat, this satisfying pizza is a solid choice for you!"

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