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Review #2

Nutella & Strawberry Dessert Pizza

Nutella, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Mint



Score: 4 / 5

The appearance would appeal to all chocoholics. The strawberries have been cut into manageable quarters. The crushed nuts give texture to the appearance, and added a touch of class.


Score: 3 / 5

Overly sweet for me. The dough adds a bit of saltiness which works well. The acidity of the strawberry also counter balances this sweetness.


Score: 3 / 5

The dough was a little claggy, and combined with the Nutella, felt like hard work to eat. Very heavy going.

on the nose

Score: 3 / 5

The aroma of warm chocolate is something special indeed and cannot be compared to anything else. The lack of mint knocked a point off, this would add a freshness to the dessert.


tasting notes/description

"It’s not often we find dessert based pizza on menus. The chocoholics are bound to enjoy this concept. Topped with a generous dollop of Nutella, crushed hazelnuts and fresh strawberry, what’s not to love?

First of all, I have never considered myself a ‘sweet tooth’ and can completely understand how some may flock to this pizza after a meal out, however I think we can all agree that it’s filling enough to be a meal by itself. I think one slice as a dessert would be ample.

The combination of dough and Nutella felt incredibly heavy after the first initial slice.. The saltiness of the dough works well alongside the sweet chocolate and the subtle acidic strawberry flavours.

Crushed hazel nuts gave crunch to the texture, which was personally my favourite element.

It would be interesting to try this again on a thinner base with a little less Nutella and something like orange infused olive oil between the base and the spread and with liberal amounts of mint. This would make it more manageable.

Another idea would be balsamic strawberry with a little lemon zest to add more depth to the pudding.”

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