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Review #7

American Hot 

Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Jalapeño Chillies, Tomato, Mozzarella, Onion



Score: 3.7 / 5

Indulgent flavours with a spicy tingle. It would be great to find more red onion, potentially some raw onion would freshen and liven-up the balance. The Jalapeños used are fiercer than most in its timid family, and packed with flavour. Beef, succulent and moreish. 


Score: 3.9 / 5

A familiar looking pizza for meat lovers. Pepperoni slightly curling under heat and tinged with brown. The distribution of beef was a little scarce. The colour tones are quite muted. Overall, there are certainly more attractive pizzas coming from this kitchen.


Score: 4.2 / 5

The quality of meat used is good, particularly the beef, which has a deliciously juicy texture. It’s a little on the stodgy side, but its to be expected given the style of topping. The cheese has great creates a duvet for each component to nestle in.

on the nose

Score: 3.8 / 5

The classic smell of pickled jalapeño and spicy pepperoni reminds be of thick, stodgy pizza. Less exciting than some of the fresh zesty pizzas I’ve smelled traveling to the table. However, comfort food springs to mind on arrival of lunch today.


tasting notes/description

"The Americans collectively consumed 251.7 million lbs of pepperoni in 2011, most of which (I’d gamble) was used on pizza. The love of pizza in the U.S. began after soldiers returned after being posted in Italy during the second world war and is now taking on many different interpretations from state to state.

One consistency in American cooking today is substance and indulgence, whether we're talking deep pan Chicago or New York slices. It's easy to say that pizza is one of the most internationally celebrated foods and American pizza has its rightful place amongst the most popular.

The American Hot is for the carnivores out there, topped with pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, minced beef, chilli flakes, red onion and chilli oil. This style of topping is close to a lot of hearts, although the mass produced, pre-made dough found in the high street eateries often lets us down.

Rest assured, Bath Pizza Co have used their secret dough recipe, which is easily the best in town. Carefully selected ingredients ensure no corners have been cut while lovingly crafting your cylindrical pizza. On top of the thin base we find piles of Italian pepperoni, thicker and more substantial than expected and a little more laid back on the spice front. The minced beef is from Tunley Butchers, situated prominently in Bath’s Green Park Station, a stones throw away from the pizza restaurant. The beef is delicious and adds far more than just texture, as the moisture and flavour has been retained.

This pizza is hot by name and hot by nature. The kick comes from the chilli oil which is made on site, and has a fierce bite! Chilli flakes and jalapeños are also used to create the forever tempting burn. All the flavours are suitably balanced, although every bite is a little samey, until I hit the incredibly thinly sliced red onion, adding freshness and sweetness. More of this would be nice. The cheese holds all of the ingredients in melted pockets, embedding each element in every glutinous slice.

If you like a spicy, meaty pizza, Bath Pizza Co have taken a fresh approach to this carnivores delight. Has it been a long, cold Decembers day? It must be time for the American Hot Pizza!"


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