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The farmers, brewers, cheesemakers & vegetable connoisseurs making Bath Pizza Company

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cranborne chase venison

Cranborne chase's wild venison (Ted's Wild Game)  is possibly the best pizza in Bath.

Featured on our Farmers' Market specials board, Ted's wild game comes to us fresh from the Bath Farmers' Market, some 11 feet from our oven...  yes we've measured it. Ted is here every Saturday morning, be sure to say hello!


homewood farm cheeses

Another Bath Farmers' Market special, our Homewood 3 Cheeses comes from artisan cheese makers Tim & Angla.

The Ubley based couple supply us with fantastic seasonal cheeses - currently old demdike, halloumi & ricotta)

More about Homewood Cheeses on our blog →



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tunley farm

The Tunley farm 'huge pole' smoked sausage is the star of our Tunley farm special.

A resident in the Green Park Station market, Tunley Farm's butcher, mark can be found on market days offering samples of the range of produce reared on their farm. Keep an eye out for more Tunley specials over the coming months. 



chris rich, northend farm

We started buying christmas trees, fruit & veg from Chris back in 1992.

Supplying much of the produce at our sister biz (the Braz) for many years we're chuffed to have a special Northend farmer's veg special on our menu.

A seasonal pizza, this pizza currently features Chris' finest courgette, beetroot, & broccoli for an awesome flavour.